Win a Photo Session with Local Photographer Meaghan Curry!

With so much interest in the last photo session giveaway, I’m doing another one to give you all a chance to win a fantastic prize from another local photographer.

Meaghan Curry specializes in modern newborn, child, and family portraiture.  Whether in your home or at another location that is meaningful to you, each session is a custom experience, authentic to each family. Meaghan promises no standard stiff poses or forced smiles during her photo sessions. Rather, she aims to capture a family’s story through a collection of fresh and real photographs depicting the love, the fun, and the small, but ever so special moments as they naturally unfold.  Meaghan gives each and every client memories that will be cherished and displayed in their home for many years. You can view her portfolio and learn more about her work here.

Want a chance to win a one-hour photo session with Meaghan and all the edited, high-resolution digital images from that session (value of $700)? Simply like her Facebook page, and then come back here and leave a comment to let me know that you did.  Everyone who enters will be eligible to receive a $100 credit towards a future photo session with Meaghan.

To be eligible, you must like the KidFriendly DC Facebook page. Get an extra entry for following KFDC on Twitter (let me know you did in the comments). The contest will run through the weekend, and a winner will be drawn at random on Sunday evening.

Good luck!


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79 Responses to Win a Photo Session with Local Photographer Meaghan Curry!

  1. Jennifer Gee

    I “liked” Meaghan’s page a moment ago, and I have been following your page for as long as I have known about it! Thanks for all your great suggestions:-)

  2. I have ‘liked’ Meaghan’s page and KidFriendly DC on facebook. I don’t follow twitter so I can’t like it on there. Thank you for the chance!

  3. I liked her page. I also do not have twitter. Thanks!!!

  4. Dawn Washelesky

    Liked her page and like yours as well! Would love to win!!

  5. Tamara Gelboin

    I liked Meaghan’s page and KFDC.

  6. rebecca ely

    Thanks for this chance, she seems like a wonderful photographer. I liked her page as well.

  7. And I followed you on Twitter!

  8. nordgold

    Hello I just liked Meghan pages and I have to say that i appreciate your KidFriendly blog. It gives me lots of ideas for my three kids.. perfect blog!

  9. nordgold

    just forgot I just followed you at twitter too.. 😉

  10. Alimom

    I liked Meaghan’s Facebook page and I am already a fan of your page. Thank you for the opportunity.

  11. I liked her page. She does great work. Excited about the possibillity of winning a family session.

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  13. Liked her page. Beautiful pictures! Hoping to win.

  14. Christy Kramer

    Already like…but love her work

  15. Kimberly DellaTorre

    I liked both her page and yours. I’d love to win!

  16. Ali Danielson

    I liked Meaghan’s page, as well as KidFriendly DC’s page on FB and I followed KidFriendly DC on Facebook 🙂 Love to win the photoshoot!

  17. Maria Leber

    Love her work, what a great giveaway for local families. Kids so grow so fast and to capture these moments for a lifetime, priceless!

  18. kristen mastroianni

    Liked her page…Love her photos. crossing my fingers 🙂

  19. Amy Steinmann

    I just liked Meaghan’s FB page, as well as KidFriendly DC’s page. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  20. Anne Canaday

    I just liked Meaghan’s FB page! I also “liked” KidFriendly DC page and started following you on twitter! Thanks….

  21. Stormi

    I’ve liked both Facebook pages. Thanks!

  22. Andrea

    I “liked” Meaghan’s page a moment ago

  23. Pia

    What a great idea. I “liked” both pages, plus am now following on twitter. Thanks!

  24. Clara paynter

    Love your photos and great to learn about Kidfriendly DC. Went to both Facebook pages and am glad to be connected.

  25. Lara Johnson

    I liked Meaghan’s page – – and I already like your facebook page – -it’s fabulous!

  26. tory patrick

    I liked Meaghan Curry Photography – and I’ve LOVED KidFriendly DC for a long time! 🙂

  27. Jayashree Srinivasan

    I ‘liked’ Meaghan’s page…and love ur blog:-)

  28. Suzan Thompson

    I “liked” Meaghan on FB… I already “liked” KidFriendly DC. 🙂

  29. Ann Robertson

    Thanks for the giveaway! It will be great for our new baby’s photos.

  30. Jennifer Bennett

    I like her page as well as yours! Awesome blog!

  31. Stacy Taylor

    I ‘liked’ her page and already like you on FB and follow you on Twitter. Thank you!

  32. Sharmi

    I “liked” for an entry. Thanks!

  33. Cara

    I “Liked” Meaghan’s page

  34. Nicole

    Love Meaghan’s work!!! I would love to win a session for my son! I also “liked” her on fb. Thank you!!

  35. Colleen

    I liked M. Curry on FB!

  36. DCRunner

    I liked Meaghan on FB!

  37. DCRunner

    I also liked KidFriendly DC on FB!

  38. Debby

    I liked both facebook pages. Beautiful work!

  39. Matt Eidson

    I did it as well and should totally win.

  40. Matt

    I liked KidFriendly DC on FB and twitter as well.

  41. Cheryl

    Hi! I “liked” Meaghan’s Facebook page and the KFDC Facebook page too.

  42. Trish

    Hi! I “like” Meaghan’s FB page and KFDC FB page too. Her work is amazing!

  43. Katie

    I “liked” both– lovely photos of lovely babes– thanks KFDC!

  44. Kate

    I “liked” both pages on Facebook. She has beautiful work! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Meg

    I “liked” Meaghan’s page. What great photos! Thanks.

  46. Katie

    I liked both pages. Meaghan does beautiful work. Thanks.

  47. Nun

    I just “liked” Meghan’s page and KidFriendly DC on FB. I love her picutres. They are beautiful!

  48. Molly

    I liked Meghan’s page and your page on facebook, and I followed you on Twitter. Fingers crossed!

  49. Jeanne Choi

    I heart the vintage/washed out quality, simply beautiful! Would love to win the free session. Thanks KidFriendly!

  50. Dee Aybar

    Hello I just liked both pages, Will love to have the opportunity to win, my daughter just turn 5 I’m was unable to make any profesional picture yet, but any way I love your work , and love the site too. Thanks.

  51. Meredith Harris

    I ‘liked’ you on facebook! Great portfolio – hope we win the free session!!! Our first is due in 3 weeks!

  52. Sandy Choi

    I liked Meaghan’s page as well as KidFriendly DC’s page, and am now following you on Twitter, too. Great contest!

  53. Ana Carolina Sotomayor Rubio

    Just went onto FB and liked your page. You take spectacular photos! Very impressed.

  54. Becky Reina

    Thanks for the contest! I liked Meaghan’s FB page as well as KidFriendlyDC’s.

  55. Jasmine

    Thanks for the contest! I liked Meaghan’s FB page and KidFriendlyDC’s.

  56. Liked x2 and would love to work with Meaghan for a maternity shoot. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  57. Beth

    I just liked Meaghan’s FB page, as well as KidFriendly DC’s page. Thanks for this opportunity!

  58. Nora

    I liked both pages and followed KFDC on twitter. 3 entries, I hope! Thanks.

  59. Stacy J. Kosko

    I “liked” Meaghan Curry on FB and am really enjoying having been introduced to both sites. Thanks for the chance at the drawing!

  60. Kalah Auchincloss

    I “liked” Meaghan’s FB page and yours as well. Thanks for the chance to participate in the contest!

  61. Amy H.

    I “liked” Meaghan’s FB page as well as KidFriendly DC’s. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’re lucky at the drawing!!! Thanks for the offering- great marketing strategy.

  62. SLS

    I follow KFDC on Twitter!

  63. Erin Gibbens

    I just liked Meaghan’s page. I have been following you on FB for quite some time, and I also just followed you on Twitter (@ekgibbens). My family could really use a new family photo, and I love her work! 😉 Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. Vicki Sweet

    I liked the FB page, but I LOVE her work…. amazing! My husband will be deploying for 12 months soon, and I would really like to have her capture some family photos before he leaves! Even if we don’t win, I’m definitely going to schedule something!!

  65. Darcy

    I want to win! I want to win! (I liked her page)!


  66. Anne

    I liked her page. Thanks for the chance!

  67. IBF

    I liked the FB page. What a great contest!

  68. Nanci

    I just “liked” Meaghan’s page and KidFriendly DC on Facebook. Many thanks, and fingers crossed!

  69. Kelly

    I liked Meaghan’s page and KidFriendly DC on FB. I can’t believe I hadn’t “liked” Meaghan’s before… I love her and her talent!

  70. Neha Misra

    I “liked” Meaghan’s Facebook Page. Thanks!

  71. Sarah Constantyn

    I liked Meaghan’s page-what fun!

  72. Mona Idrees

    Hi, I ‘like’d Meaghan’s page as well as yours on Facebook! Thanks for this chance — I have a sweet 2 year old and new baby and we’re in desperate need of photos of the two of them together, especially in DC since we just moved here! Would LOVE to win this! 🙂

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