Cupcakes on Wheels

I’m feeling slightly guilty right now.  I just scarfed down a cupcake in about two bites. And it’s not even the actual eating of the cupcake that is bringing on this sense of remorse (the kick-butt spin class I did this morning earned me that cupcake!).  Rather, it’s that I enjoyed the exquisite deliciousness of the tiny treat all by myself.  That’s right—Sans Kids.

Okay, so you’re probably thinking I deserve some treats to myself, as all decent, doting parents do.  And trust me, I am right there with you (Mommy isn’t always a very good sharer).  But there are times when I think about how much my kids would have loved something they missed.  This cupcake was one of them.

Here’s the thing:  It wasn’t just a cupcake. It was an activity with a hint of a game to it.  This fun and tasty experience came courtesy of Curbside Cupcakes, the mobile gourmet cupcake company that has crowds of Washingtonians standing on street corners, salivating as they wait for a cute pink truck to deliver sweet little snacks for $3 a pop. A calendar on their website lists times and locations (all downtown or on Capitol Hill) they will be visiting each day.  And as a fun twist, they include a wildcard spot to be determined sometime during the day based on votes received via Facebook and Twitter.  That’s a whole other cool part of their service—they understand the fun in social media and use it to communicate with customers/fans regularly, announcing locations, cupcake flavors (which change daily), and ETA, which came in handy as they ran nearly 30 minutes late to the Capitol South stop today.

But that was part of the fun.  I stood around with a hungry group of Hill staffers, eagerly checking our phones for the latest status update.  Groups waited on both sides of the street, trying to guess which would be the lucky curb.  When the pink truck finally came into view, the crowd clapped and cheered (seriously, I have never been so excited about seeing a pink vehicle before).  Then, we all waited anxiously to see where it would pull up—on my side, or across the street on their side. I thought I might pee myself when the blinker came on and the truck turned to park right in front of where I stood. (Hooray, I won!)

If I got that excited about a sweet two-bite treat, imagine how our kids would react. I am definitely adding Curbside Cupcakes to my “Todo with the Kids” list.  By the way, if anyone with any Curbside pull is reading this, please let them know they will do a bang-up business at Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill around 4:30pm on any given day.  In the meantime, I will go and cast my wildcard vote.

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  1. Sameena

    They have stopped at Lincoln Park and Garfield Park before–even between 2 of the snowpocalypses!

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